The Journal - Prologue

Hey guys! It’s Jiquan! Here is a little bit of a Victorious/PLL fanfic I wrote! I will post more if people like it.


15 Years Ago…

Evelyn rushed into the house, scrambling to get her things and take off. She was running. Running from ‘A’. It wasn’t safe with her in the city. She had to leave to protect her family. She grabbed her things and stuffed them into a suitcase but stopped when she got to her journal. “These are my journals. Give them to the girls on their seventeenth birthdays. For now, I want you to hide them.” Evelyn ordered her husband, Nicholas. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. What’s going on? Why are you packing a suitcase?” Nick inquired. He was confused. Where was she going? .God. Was she leaving him? Would she be back? “It’s not safe. They’re after me. ‘A’ is after me. I’m leaving town. Take the journals and give them to the girls on their seventeenth birthdays. I don’t want them to think I walked out. Goodbye, Nick.” She took her suitcase and was halfway out the door when Nick stopped her. “This ‘A’ situation can be remedied. We can call the authorities.” Nick reasoned. “No. This ‘A’ is capable of so many things. Too many things. I can’t stay here. Not if you’re here. They’ll get you. I have to go. Goodbye, Nick” They shared one last kiss before Evelyn walked out, leaving Hollywood for good. Nick stood there for a few moments, dumbfounded, before closing the door and falling to the floor in tears.

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